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Volunteer Opportunities

There's something for everyone!

Volunteers play a critical role in the success of our school and we can ALWAYS use more!


There are many opportunities to volunteer through the PTSA, including committee chair positions (e.g., DEI committee, communications, etc.) and various PTSA-sponsored programs (teacher appreciation activities, lost and found, Pirate Crew, etc.). Much of this work can be done remotely and only requires a few hours a month. 


Committee needs for the 2024-25 school year:

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee Chair - Our DEI committee works to create and execute simple, fun and meaningful initiatives that support our school’s inclusive culture and makes space for all of our young pirates to shine. Past initiatives have included the Anti-racism book club, diverse book giveaways and recommendation lists for families, providing opportunities for students to be exposed to other cultures during school and at evening events such as the Fall and Spring Mega Night events, and more. The DEI Committee Chair would is responsible for coordinating the committee to generate ideas, present to the board and execute efforts with the help of the executive board, committee members and other volunteers. 

  • Newsletter Coordinator - PTSA is in need of someone to work with the executive board and use our online platform to create each month's email newsletter. Newsletters consist of what has been done each month as well as communicates what is coming up including calls for volunteers, feedback, etc. The newsletter is templated so minimal design experience is required. 

  • Penny Wars Chair - Penny Wars is one of our most fun fundraisers. Held during the week leading up to and during our Fall Mega Night, Penny Wars is an event where grade levels compete to get the most points with pennies and bills earning positive points and silver coins earning negative points so students try to put pennies and bills in their own grade’s container and strategize how they will use their silver coins to lessen the points earned by other grades. PTSA is looking to rename the event for 2024 to help better communicate that it's not only pennies so the name is TBD currently. The committee is responsible for coordinating the set up of the table and containers each morning at drop off the week leading up to Fall Mega Night as well as during the event. Committee members help to get the money collected, counted and points allocated to each team to determine a winner. Because this event is not new, it is pretty turnkey, but a committee chair is needed to coordinate volunteers that week leading up to and during the Mega Night event as well as for money counting once during and then again after the event has ended. 

If you are interested in volunteering in any of the above capacities during the 2024-25 school year, please email

Ongoing volunteer needs:

  • Elementary Pirate Store "Shopping" Volunteers - Our staff could use some help on Fridays (unless otherwise noted) running the Elementary Pirate Store "shopping" for our kiddos. Each grade is assigned a specific Friday of the month when they can use their pirate bucks to "purchase" goodies from the Pirate Store. The "store" (aka goodie cart) is set up in the Cafeteria (or visits the Kinder classes). Volunteers are needed to help move our little pirates through quickly whether that means helping in the line to ensure students have enough bucks for what they would like to purchase or helping distribute the items in exchange for the pirate bucks. Please take a look at the available time slots coming up and consider signing up. Family members can sign up for a time adjacent to their student's lunch time and have lunch with their student before or after a shift if desired. 


If you are interested in getting involved, click below to fill out our volunteer survey so we know how you might be interested in helping.


HCPS Volunteer Application


Whether you plan to volunteer a lot or here and there, all volunteers coming on campus, MUST complete the HCPS Volunteer Application. It can take a couple of weeks to process, so it's better to complete early! 

If you've applied in the past, your application may still be active. Click here to check the status. 

Other Volunteer Opportunities


There are opportunities to volunteer outside of PTSA too! Teachers and staff welcome volunteers at Rampello and often volunteers are needed to help in various ways, including: 

  • Assisting teachers in the classroom (particularly the lower grades).

  • Checking-out books, re-shelving and organizing books and completing various other tasks in the Media Center. If you are interested in volunteering in the Media Center, contact Media Center Specialist Mrs. Favata

  • Serving as the "room parent" (K-5) or "grade-level liaison" (Middle School) to assist with class or grade-level communications, volunteer coordinating and supply donations signups

We encourage you to find what fits for you and reach out if we can help connect you to other volunteer opportunities outside of PTSA. We can direct you to the right faculty or staff member. 

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