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Holiday Store

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

PTSA's 2023 Holiday Store is NEXT WEEK! 


The Holiday Store gives children a safe, supervised environment in which to choose gifts for family and friends. Children shop from a large selection of quality, family-style gifts at reasonable prices and our volunteers are there to help.

Our 2023 Holiday Store will kick off on Monday, 12/4. Students will get ONE chance to shop with their class during their assigned time that week. More information about when students will get to shop is included in the Holiday Store FAQs below.


An additional information letter and gift guide envelopes will go home with students the week of 11/27. Please be on the lookout for these and use the envelopes to discuss with your students who they are buying for and how much to spend on each person on their list. Please send any cash back in the envelope with your student on their assigned shopping date, or purchase an elf wallet certificate online at


Holiday Store FAQs:

  • When will my child be able to shop? Elementary students will shop with their class on their assigned shopping date between 12/4 and 12/6. Click here for a list of homeroom shopping dates/times. ALL middle school students will shop during their language arts period on Thursday, 12/7.

  • How much do gifts cost at the Holiday Store? Gifts range from $0.75 to $14 with most being under $10. 

  • How much money does my student need to shop? We recommend no more than $20-$30 for each student as students will need to spend any elf wallet funds during their one shopping visit and there are no refunds on unused elf wallet funds. 

  • What payment types are accepted at the holiday store? The holiday store will ONLY accept cash or elf wallet certificates. Credit cards, debit cards and cash app payments are NOT accepted. 

  • What happens if my student does not use all of their elf wallet funds? We are NOT able to provide refunds for unused elf wallet funds so students will need to use all of their funds during their class visit on their assigned shopping date. 

  • How can I purchase my student's elf wallet certificate?

  1. Visit

  2. Find Rampello by selecting the state, city and school from the dropdown menu to search.

  3. Complete the form and enter your payment. Once you have completed payment an email will be sent to the email address provided.

  4. Complete the certificate on the back of the information letter with the authorization code that will be emailed to you upon purchase. That information is necessary for volunteers to look up your child's funds so please be sure to complete that and send it in with your student on their assigned shopping date.

  • What if my child is not at school or forgets their money on their assigned shopping date? If volume and time allows, students who did not get the chance to shop on their class date due to an absence, will be allowed to shop on Fri, 12/8, but this will be very limited. We will NOT be able to guarantee time for students whose funds were not provided by their assigned shopping date, so please make sure you know what day your child will be shopping and make sure to send him/her with cash on that date or have their elf wallet set up and send them in with their completed certificate on their shopping date.​

  • What types of gifts will be available at the Holiday Store? The holiday store will carry a variety of items including numerous gift options for specific family members, friends and teachers (there are even gifts for your pet!) to silly, fun items students may wish to purchase for themselves. From the pretty and practical to the weird and wonderful, this year's inventory will make shopping a delight for students. Take a look at some of the photos below for a sneak preview of just a few of the items that will be available next week!

  • Can I volunteer? YES! We need all the volunteers we can get to help set up, work the shop by helping students shop, restock and organize, and get it all packed up. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP!

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