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Become a Member

Every membership supports our efforts!

There are so many reasons to become a Rampello K-8 PTSA member. They come in all shapes and sizes in the programs, supplies and support we are able to provide to the students, staff and families of Rampello and each membership contributes to that. 

Please consider showing your support for Rampello K-8 PTSA by becoming a member today. 

How Do I Join?

  1. Click the Become a Member button below

  2. Click on the membership type

  3. Fill out a couple questions and click Buy Now

  4. Fill out your payment information and click Place Order. An email will be sent with your receipt

PTSA Myths Busted! 

MYTH: Only moms and teachers can be in PTSA.

FACT: PTSA is for ALL family members and we have a great need for dads to get more involved.


MYTH: You HAVE to volunteer to be a PTSA member.

FACT: PTSA appreciates every membership and does NOT require members to volunteer (although we'd never turn a volunteer away).


MYTH: Only stay-at-home moms do PTSA.

FACT: All types of parents are PTSA members and volunteers. We are all juggling a full plate so we encourage members to get as involved as they have capacity to do so.


MYTH: You don't have time for PTSA.

FACT: You do not have to have time to join PTSA. You can simply offer your financial support by purchasing a PTSA membership which goes towards student programs, teacher appreciation efforts and family events that PTSA supports.

MYTH: Attending a PTSA meeting you'll "get roped into something."

FACT: Our meetings are a chance to report out about what we have been doing, what we are planning and to get feedback from attendees. NO obligations and NO pressure. 

MYTH: PTSA has all the help they need.

FACT: PTSA NEVER has enough help and welcomes all types of volunteers. I.E. paying for a membership, working a shift at an event, donating items when needed and more. 

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