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Teacher & Staff

Our Teachers & Staff Arrrgh the Best!

At Rampello K-8 we have amazing teachers and staff and we want them to know. We don't save all our appreciation for one week in May. Instead, PTSA makes an effort to show our appreciation throughout the school year. Examples of past appreciation efforts include, but are not limited to:

  • Teacher & Staff meals

  • Restocking the Staff Lounge with food and beverages

  • Pop-up treats often in partnership with local businesses as sponsors or via in-kind donations

  • Teacher & Staff apparel

  • Holiday gift bags with treats and gift cards

  • A mini teacher appreciation week each fall

  • A week of festivities each May to celebrate National Teacher Appreciation Week


Show Your Apprecation

Don't know what your student's teacher may want/need? Want to show a particular staff member how much they mean you or your child? No problem. We've made it easy for you to show your appreciation. 

Click the button below to access a spreadsheet with each teacher's favorite things as well as a link to their online wish list (if applicable). 

Let’s Work Together

If you own or work for a business that would be willing to partner to show our teachers and staff just how much we appreciate them, reach out and let us know! Perhaps it's an in-kind donation for a pop-up treat, a sponsorship to restock their lounge or something else. There are plenty of ways we can work together. Email Jennifer Fabian, VP of Teacher & Staff Appreciation. 

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