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Supporting our teachers  and students one mini-grant at a time.

Mini-grants are reimbursement awards up to $150 to faculty and staff for classroom projects and needs. In order to be eligible, applicants must be PTSA members at the time of application submittal.

The Rampello PTSA Mini-Grant Selection Committee reviews applications and makes a recommendation on the mini-grant selections, which are voted on by the PTSA board.

Applications are evaluated for their educational nature, realistic goals, reasonable budget, and activities, which include direct student involvement. Project allocations may be for supplies, equipment, and other items necessary to carry out the proposed projects and meet the needs of the classroom. No payment for teacher time can be considered. Projects that would make permanent changes to the school grounds or buildings are not permitted.

The Rampello PTSA funds the mini-grants with monies raised through fundraisers. The amount of funding and number of projects funded will be determined by the PTSA and information shared with the faculty. 

Application Process:

You must be a member of the PTSA to be eligible. Any teachers and staff who are PTSA members at Rampello may apply. A membership for the Rampello PTSA may be purchased via Member Hub here.

The application window for the 2024-25 school year is closed. Please read below to see how we the 2023-24 mini grants were used to support our teachers and staff this year! 

2023-2024 Classroom Mini Grants


Mrs. Haynes - 6th-7th grades

(Green Team benefits all Rampello community)

Amount: $145.43

Initiative: Green Team Project

Supplies purchased: storage cart, lanyards, paper, prizes (candy and gift cards for Green Team school-wide challenge)


Mrs. Smith - 6th-7th - 50 students

Amount: $161.20

Supplies purchased: Headphones so students can use their Language Live program during class. This program helps struggling students in grades 5-12 and the ability to work online in a self-paced environment. 


Mrs. James - 7th-8th PE 

Amount: $119.75

Supplies purchased: Dry erase boards and megaphone for use with PE and middle school sports program students.


Mr. X & Mrs. Waggoner - K-8th grades - 700+ students

 Dual request

Amount: $322.45

Equipment purchased: portable speakers for use at school-wide performance events.


Mrs. Katz - 7th-8th grades

(morning show supports all students)

Amount: $107.43

Supplies purchased: TV broadcasting/film class: hands free tripods, wireless Bluetooth microphones


Mrs. Tolrud - 6th-7th grade ELA - 125 students

Amount: $182.70

Supplies purchased: 30 copies of We Beat the Street -  autobiographical book to use as part of curriculum


Mrs. Garcia - 1st grade - 19 students

Amount: $175.90

Supplies purchased: Stem activities/tools


Mrs. Thibeaux - 6th-8th grade AVID - 120 students

Amount: $200.00

Supplies purchased: Supplies for AVID Demo/Revalidation Day

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