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Lost & Found

Students lose belongings all the time. One of the ways PTSA helps families is by maintaining our Lost & Found and trying to help reconnect you with your student's missing item. 

Have your student check Lost & Found for missing items

Lost & Found is located just under the stairwell by the front gates next to the Main Office. Students can look through Lost & Found to find items and parents of younger students can sign in at Student Affairs if there is a particular items they'd like to look through Lost & Found for. 

Look through Lost & Found's current inventory

Click here to view an album of items currently living in Lost & Found. If there is an item that belongs to your student, please have your student visit Lost & Found to retrieve the items and let us know so we can remove it from the album. 

Find it Fridays

Once a month we try to have the Lost & Found racks and bins outside of the front gate during the drop off time in the morning as a reminder to parents and students to look through to find any missing items. We will typically communicate when we'll have someone out with the racks the week of, but please encourage your student to check Lost & Found if they are missing an item as we are only out there once a month and at the availability of our volunteers.

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