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Annual Events

Events for the Whole Pirate Family!

Rampello K-8's annual events are a great way for our pirate family to come together as a community, get to know other pirate families and have fun supporting our students, teachers and staff. Below are some of our signature events.


Middle School Dance

The Rampello Middle School Dance, first held in 2022 has become a much anticipated event for our middle schoolers. With fun themes, music and other activities, the dance gives middle schoolers a chance to get together outside of school hours as their school year comes to an end to have fun with friends in a safe environment and just be kids.

Elementary School Caregiver Dance

After a fantastic inaugural year in 2023, our Elementary School Caregiver Dance is back on the schedule for the 2023-24 school year. Elementary students are invited to bring one caregiver with them to enjoy a night of dancing, yummy treats and more. It's a great time for students to show off their caregiver to friends and have a fun night out.


Field Day & Fun Run

Dubbed the "best day of the year" by many a Rampello student, PTSA hosts the Fun Run each year on the same day as Field Day. Typically the Friday before Spring Break, PTSA's Fun Run is also its biggest fundraiser, but all students get to participate in the run and enjoy the activity and commraderie of racing around the course. PTSA volunteers also support Field Day efforts making it a big event that provides an opportunity for all families to get involved in the fun. 

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